Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tool #4

Tool #4
I have finally finished this tool. In Google Docs I created a modified rubric for writing. A lot of our special education students need to be graded on a different scale based on their IEP goals and needs. It is not fair to grade them with their peers when they are reading and writing on a grade levels way below where they should be. This rubric allows me, the special ed teacher, as well as the regular education teacher to grade their writing on their abilities. It is also a great tool for parents to see what they are accomplishing in their writing as well as documentation for their IEP goals.
I then subscribed to several news sites on Google Reader. They included: NPR, which is a great source for current events and it has audio for those that have difficulty reading higher levels. Plus I get to keep up with current events myself. Suite 101 which has articals related to special education. Free Technology for Teachers provideds free resources, lesson plans for technology in teaching. This will help me keep up with the current trends in the tech world.

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