Sunday, August 8, 2010


#11 The tool I enjoyed the most was creating a Photo Story. I was surprised how easy it was to create one. The kids could pick it up very quickly and share their knowledge with others. We could let the kids do the teaching! One lesson that popped up in my head was a unit on Heroes. In second grade they do a heroes study. The kids could create a photo story with great pictures of the people we are studying. Once they take control of their learning the knowledge really sticks. Plus they would love to share their work with their peers.

This experience has transformed my thinking about technology by making me bite the bullet and explore what it has to offer. I sometimes have difficulty with change because I want to stay in my comfort zone. This has allowed me to come out of my technolgy shell and explore.

One unexpected outcome was that I should not fear technology but embrace it. I now have a solid platform to really explore and learn. After all, this is the future of education.

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  1. Amy, I like your comment about embracing instead of fearing. I'd love to read your thoughts about digital citizenship.

    I am here to help you, so please ask. Looking forward to "Learning on the Wild Side" with you in 2010-2011!