Sunday, August 8, 2010

#10 Almost There

Whew! I am glad I know a little about this one. I have had the opportunity to play with my itouch a little this summer and have really enjoyed it. Some of the free apps I have added are:
Dragon Dictation, Baby Flash Cards, German Tutor and iRewards.
Dragon Dictation does require a small microphone and lets the kids dictate into the iTouch and the app writes out what you are saying. I have found that a lot of the kids mumble and so the dictation can be off on a lot of words.
Baby Flash cards is just a simple vocabulary app I tested on my 13 month old. It shows pictures of foods, animals, colors, etc. A little too young yet to get much out of it but I can see the bebfits for babies and kiddos a little older.
German Tutor is an app that teaches basic German vocabulary and phrases. I am German and I used to be pretty fluent. However, I am so rusty from lack of use that I have forgotton so much. This is a great refresher course and I have used it with my 6 year old, who is just beginning to learn some of the language. The apps also come in Spanish, French, and many more!
I know the kids love the hands on appeal of the itouches and it is a great motivator!
I cannot wait to see it in action this year.

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