Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tool #3

Today I have created 2 samples of images. I posted both on my blog.
First, I created a trading card with the site: Big Huge Labs, using my son's picture (he loved it, but was a bit embarassed). In class the possibilities are endless. You could create trading cards of animals, famous people, characters in books, vocabulary words etc.

Secondly, I used Image Chef to create a word image. This would be fun to use with poetry and vocabulary. A student could research a word and use the image that best fits that word. It could also be used at the beginning of school to create name tags.

I tried to use the cartoon strip but could not figure out how to place it on my blog. Plus it was not the whole strip just one section. I might play with that one some more. My students would love to write their own text to cartoons!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tool #2 PLN

I beleive the philosophy of the personal learning network is grand. I totally agree with the notion that we must collaborate with one another to address problems and build on ideas in teaching. New learning must provide reflection on the process of learning so that we can support the needs of our students. I am excited to become a part of this new journey in collaboration.

I added 6 blogs to my page:
Cool Cat Teacher
Always Learning
MWE Purple Martins
A Chat with Mary

A few points from the comments on the Always Learning blog I found interesting were
I totally agree that sitting around talking with fellow teachers and learning from those discussions is the highlight of workshops. That interactive discussion where we are allowed to share ideas and experiences in very valuable and more fun.

I also agree that in the age of technology if you do not "use it, you lose it". There have been many times when I am so gung ho about what I have learned in a technology workshop and then gone back to reality: paperwork, my kids, lesson planning, etc that I feel the wind has been taken out of my sail. It must take a strong commitment to yourself to use the tools immediately in the classroom. It will be hard to do but well worth it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tool #1

I have just started my first "tool" for the course and it was not that bad. The kids are in bed, so I can really start to use my brain again. Starting the Blog page was pretty painless. The hardest part was finding a title. I added a section on a few books I have read this summer. I also added the Avatar which was fun to create. I love having an English accent. Time for bed!