Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tool #3

Today I have created 2 samples of images. I posted both on my blog.
First, I created a trading card with the site: Big Huge Labs, using my son's picture (he loved it, but was a bit embarassed). In class the possibilities are endless. You could create trading cards of animals, famous people, characters in books, vocabulary words etc.

Secondly, I used Image Chef to create a word image. This would be fun to use with poetry and vocabulary. A student could research a word and use the image that best fits that word. It could also be used at the beginning of school to create name tags.

I tried to use the cartoon strip but could not figure out how to place it on my blog. Plus it was not the whole strip just one section. I might play with that one some more. My students would love to write their own text to cartoons!


  1. How fun it would be to come to school and make name tags on the computer on the very first day of school. That might make them want to come back. I love the trading card with Matthew. Now I have to go try to make one.

  2. Hi, Amy! I love that you are previewing me on my next tool. I am excited to try Image Chef. I think that I will probably spend a ridiculous amount of time playing with that tool.

    I also loved THE HELP. It is such a page turner! Right now I am getting caught up on chapter books in my class library that I haven't read yet. It makes me feel so accomplished to finish a book in an hour and a half :o).